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Our Leadership

Led by Dr. Rebeca Bautista and Mrs. Jaclyn Don Caceres, our Principal and Assistant Principal, with the support of the Archbishop of Miami, Archbishop Thomas Weinski, and Dr. Jim Rigg, Superintendent of Catholic Schools, we are the only Catholic Virtual School backed by the Archdiocese of Miami. Experience a blend of tradition and innovation, where faith and education converge to nurture thriving learners in a supportive virtual environment. Join us as we illuminate minds and hearts on a path towards excellence and enlightenment. Welcome to CAVA, leadership and faith unite for a brighter future.
Most Reverend Thomas Wenski
Archbishop of Miami
Jim Rigg, Ph.D.
Superintendent of Catholic Schools
Archdiocese of Miami
Rebeca Bautista, Ed.D.

Dr. Bautista began her career in education 20 years ago as a literature teacher at Monsignor Edward Pace High School in Miami Gardens, Florida. After a few years, she began to assist the administration in faculty planning and development while pursuing a Master's degree in Educational Leadership from Nova Southeastern University. In 2008, she was named Dean of Academics, in charge of curriculum and instruction, faculty development, and instructional technology. In 2012, she was named Principal of ADOM-VCS (now CAVA). She earned her Doctorate in Education in 2019, in Instructional Leadership with a concentration in Curriculum Development and a minor in Curriculum Design. Dr. Bautista also has taught secondary school courses and graduate level courses online. Her passion for and dedication to the field of education fuel her drive to expand the offerings of CAVA where communities can receive a quality education regardless of class size or available resources. "I firmly believe that the virtual classroom provides an innovative learning environment that meets the needs of all students, as well as Catholic virtues and principles for students across the nation."
Jaclyn Don Caceres, M.S.Ed.
Assistant Principal

Mrs. Jaclyn Don Caceres is a dedicated educator, with years of experience in Elementary, Middle, and High School education. Mrs.Caceres has worked in several different academic settings throughout her career from charter middle schools, public middle schools in their At-Risk program and, most recently, ADOM's very own Our Lady of Lourdes Academy. She brings with her a wealth of experience as a former English teacher, class moderator, and National Honor Society moderator. Her academic journey is marked by a Bachelor's degree in English, complemented by dual Master's degrees in Reading Education and Educational Leadership. Currently, she is actively pursuing a Doctorate's degree in Educational Leadership, underscoring her commitment to advancing educational excellence. Her foremost priority has always been to create a nurturing and stimulating environment that empowers both students and educators alike. She firmly believes that an exceptional teaching team forms the cornerstone of a successful school, and is here to provide unwavering support to ensure your professional growth and success.

Our Faculty and Staff

Our dedicated team of educators and faculty members is the heart and soul of CAVA. Committed to providing an exceptional learning experience, they bring a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to the classroom. These passionate Catholic educators hail from diverse backgrounds and have a wide range of experiences. From seasoned veterans to fresh faces, each teacher contributes a unique perspective that enriches our educational community. Their unwavering commitment to nurturing young minds and fostering growth is truly commendable.  

CAVA employs or contracts teachers who hold baccalaureate or higher degrees and who are professionally certified or in the certification process. 

List of 24 members.

  • Nelson Bonet 

  • Monica Cobas 

  • Yvette De la Vega 

    Language Arts
  • Hedda Falcon 

    Director of Marketing/Electives
  • Carla Giberson 

    Social Studies/Physical Education
  • Scott Giberson 

  • Faith Grossi 

    Language Arts
  • Camille Henderson 

    Social Studies/World Languages
  • Michelle Hoyos 

  • Laura Lima 

  • Valerie Lloyd 

    Physical Education
  • Luis Mayo 

  • America Mendigutia 

    K-5/World Languages
  • Tricia Miller 

  • Kathy Palacio 

    Language Arts
  • Maria Rodriguez 

  • Ramon Rodriguez 

    Guidance/Social Studies
  • Eugenia Romero 

    World Languages
  • Mercedes Sanchez 

    World Languages
  • Christopher Souza 

    K-5/Social Studies
  • Victoria Spadafora 

    Social Studies
  • Patricia Stout Swanson 

  • Anthony Walker 

  • Maria Walker 


Our Mission

As the first Cognia accredited and Archdiocesan supported virtual Catholic school in the nation, CAVA serves our students by providing flexibility, opportunity, and core values rooted in faith.