Our Catholic Identity

Welcome to the Blessed Carlo Acutis Virtual Academy (CAVA), where faith, education, and technology converge to empower students on their academic and spiritual journeys. 
Inspired by the life and legacy of Blessed Carlo Acutis, our school honors his profound impact as the patron of the internet.

Blessed Carlo Acutis, a modern-day saint, embraced technology as a means of evangelization, recognizing its potential to spread the message of faith to the digital generation. His exemplary life, marked by unwavering devotion to Christ and a deep love for the Eucharist, serves as a guiding light for our academy.

At CAVA, we strive to emulate Blessed Carlo's passion for using the internet as a tool for spiritual growth and education. Through innovative online learning platforms and a curriculum rooted in Catholic values, we foster a dynamic learning environment where students can excel academically while deepening their relationship with God.

Join us at the Blessed Carlo Acutis Virtual Academy, where we honor the legacy of a visionary young man who reminds us that technology, when used with purpose and faith, can be a powerful force for good in the world.

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Innovators in Catholic education, CAVA is built from the foundation laid by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB). Established in 2013 as The Archdiocese of Miami Virtual Catholic School (ADOM-VCS), our school quickly became known for its unique instructional approach of embedding Catholic identity in our virtual course offerings. Today, Kindergarten through 12th grade students across the globe turn to CAVA for individualized learning and academic success.

As the first Cognia accredited and Archdiocesan supported virtual Catholic school in the nation, CAVA  has the unique opportunity of providing a completely online, Catholic education to communities on a global scale.

CAVA is committed to providing a quality Catholic education through traditional instruction as well as through technology. As the expansion of virtual learning continues, CAVA offers a rigorous full-time and part-time curriculum that emphasizes Catholic principles, facilitated by innovative, state-certified teachers. Some of our course offerings include Dual Enrollment courses for college credit, Advanced Placement (AP) courses, High School Dual Enrollment opportunities for grades 6-8, Adult Catechist Certification courses as well as Online Professional development, just to name a few.
Colleges and universities nationwide recognize our accredited curriculum, credit-recovery courses, and high school diploma, making us the fastest growing online, Catholic schools in existence. 


These values are emblematic of:
  • Our educational philosophy and the approach we take with students
  • The characteristics we strive to instill in our students
  • Traits of Blessed Carlo Acutis himself

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  • Service:

    The core of our mission is the same as that of our faith and of Blessed Carlo Acutis himself. We strive to serve students with diverse needs who would benefit from a unique approach to education. We offer traditional courses along with both credit enrichment and credit remediation in order to provide the best possible outcomes for every student.
  • Curiosity:

    Though his parents were not deeply religious at the time, Carlo showed a keen interest in religion from an early age. Just as he constantly sought knowledge, we constantly seek new and exciting ways to bring an excellent education into our students’ homes and classrooms.
  • Responsibility:

    Many of our students have found themselves struggling in a traditional classroom setting. For our work to succeed, consistency is key. We work to provide an experience which mirrors that which they would have in a classroom, but also allows flexibility for students who need or prefer to access their studies at non-traditional times.
  • Optimism:

    Every student can learn. Many of our students have faced unique challenges in their educational career. Our goal is not only to be optimistic about every student’s prospects, but also to instill that same optimism in them.
  • Loyalty:

    We have been blessed to serve many students who felt that the educational system had given up on them. We enter every new student relationship with care, patience, and planning. Students need to know that their school is behind them and rooting for their success at all times.
  • Leadership:

    Our educators are prime examples of our SCROLL values. They model each value so that our students encounter excellent role models each day. We provide opportunities for students to learn and practice leadership skills such as public speaking and teamwork.

Our Mission

As the first Cognia accredited and Archdiocesan supported virtual Catholic school in the nation, CAVA serves our students by providing flexibility, opportunity, and core values rooted in faith.