Nelson Bonet:

Nelson Bonet, a seasoned educator with three decades of teaching experience. He holds a Masters in Theology and a B.A. in History. For him, teaching is not merely a job; it’s a vocation.

When asked why he teaches for CAVA, his response was “For me it is quite simple, I believe in the values taught in Catholic Schools. That is why my wife and I chose to have our children attend Catholic Schools as well.”

Married and a proud parent of two children, Mr. Bonet is an avid sports enthusiast. He passionately supports all the teams in South Florida. During his leisure hours, he cherishes quality time with his family, indulges in movie-watching, cooking, and reading.

Our Mission

As the first Cognia accredited and Archdiocesan supported virtual Catholic school in the nation, CAVA serves our students by providing flexibility, opportunity, and core values rooted in faith.