Amanda Gugliotta:

The Carlo Acutis Virtual Academy, CAVA, has proven to be a transformative platform for soccer sensation Amanda Gugliotta, enabling her to pursue her passion for the sport on an international scale while maintaining her devout Catholic studies. With the CAVA's flexible online curriculum, Gugliotta has been able to seamlessly integrate her rigorous training and competition schedules, even while playing all over the world. This unique educational approach has not only empowered her to excel in her athletic endeavors but also nurtured her academic and spiritual growth, ensuring that she remains grounded in her faith amidst the demands of a bustling soccer career while keeping up with rigorous coursework. The academy's innovative blend of academic excellence and flexibility has truly unlocked the potential for Gugliotta to thrive both on the field and in her religious studies, epitomizing the harmonious balance between sports and spirituality.

Our Mission

As the first Cognia accredited and Archdiocesan supported virtual Catholic school in the nation, CAVA serves our students by providing flexibility, opportunity, and core values rooted in faith.